//More Stars at the Great Taste Awards 2018

More Stars at the Great Taste Awards 2018

We’re usually waiting for the the results of the Great Taste Awards in anticipation in the weeks running up to their announcement, which is usually the first week of August. This year the Summer seems to have flown by and has been our busiest yet! Before we knew it, the results were out! The Great Taste Awards (also know as the Food Oscars) are a highly recognised in the food industry and a testament to products that are deemed to be of excellent quality and taste. We first entered the awards in 2015 and scooped a Gold star for our Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce. The year after we won another two Gold stars, one for our Smokey Chipotle BBQ Rub and the other for our Chipotle & Bourbon BBQ Sauce. 2017 saw us win three more awards for our BBQ rubs including a two star award for our Pitmaster BBQ Rub, one star for Spiced Mango & Lime Rub and one star for our Jamaican Jerk BBQ Rub.

Our Piri Piri BBQ Rub has been with us from the beginning and one of the first rubs we blended and was conjured up before The Smokey Carter began. It’s one of our favourites and tastes amazing on chicken and pork chops on the barbecue. Here’s what the judges had to say.

“Great balance of flavour with some great variety between, sweet, savoury, citrus and warmth from the chilli which is coming together for an excellent rub.”

“A great colour with a deep smokey spiced aroma. Savoury, citrus, clean with a good punch of chilli. The herbs are of excellent quality. This is a cleverly blended, flavoursome rub. Good balance of seasoning too. Outstanding rub.”

One of our spicier rubs the Mexican Jalapeno & Lime is full of flavour and heat, It’s also great for all kinds of Mexican dishes. You can also checkout the guest recipe blog by Love2BBQ for their Mexican Lime & Jalapeno Chicken Wings. Yum! Here’s what the judges had to say about this one.

“A fine nutty almost smokey aroma along with fruity jalapeno and spices notes, we like the way you have taken care of your ingredients.”

“A fragrant rub with good quality ingredients. The heat develops in your mouth but it’s not harsh, it’s a pleasant enjoyable heat with a decent herb and spice background.”

A rub with an attractive appearance incorporating several different ingredients as well as the heat from the jalapenos. Although quite fiery, other elements are able to shine through including the lime – would make a good BBQ rub or even a marinade for various meats and poultry.”

Last but certainly not least, our Brazilian BBQ Rub. Packed with pink peppercorns and fragrant spices we first developed this rub as a limited edition for the World Cup in 2014 which was being hosted in Brazil. As the rub became so popular we kept on making it. Here’s what the judges had to say about it.

“A frisky little rub – the pink peppercorns pack a good punch and supply a kick of heat and spice. Well blended, punchy and adds a warm and inviting colour to your meat. Tasty and delicious.”

“A really clever spice blend with pink peppercorns which manages to include both sweetness and fruitiness as well as heat. Complex, well-balanced, perfect for rubs and marinades. Rounded and balanced – a well crafted product.”

We’re super happy with some of the comments and great to win some more awards for our rubs. From the looks of it we only just missed out on another for our Japanese Wasabi & Lime Rub. Maybe next time…

Check out the all the winners for the Great Taste Awards 2018 here.

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