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By Mr Smokey     |
Jan 01, 2024
BBQ Spice Rub FAQ
Greek Gyrus BBQ Haloumi

Our range of world inspired BBQ rubs and seasonings have taken influence from our travels around the world.

So what is a ‘Rub’?

A Spice Rub or Dry Rub is a mixture of herbs and spices blended to produce a powder seasoning which you apply to food, either before or after cooking to enhance it, giving your food a more in-depth flavour & heat. They’re perfect for adding instant flavour to food cooked both indoors and out. 

Why should I use a rub?

It makes everything very tasty! Also a marinade is so important for meats going on the BBQ, it really locks in that flavour and moisture, while preventing the ‘smoke flavour’ from becoming too over powering. 

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How do I use it?

Lay your chosen meat or fish out and sprinkle over your rub and ‘pat’ each side, covering all the surface. Its an easy as that. Don’t be shy, get plenty on. We would use between 5-10g per person. One heaped tablespoon is roughly 10g. Then you can either cook right away or leave to marinate in the fridge for a while. 

We’ve given some examples below of the approximate amount of rub needed;

  • Medium chicken breast – 5g (roughly a teaspoon)
  • Whole spatchcocked chicken – 15g
  • Fillet of salmon – 4g
  • Rack of ribs – 15g

Use our rubs in everyday cooking!

It’s often a misconception that our rubs/seasonings are just for BBQ season. This certainly isn’t the case, and I would go as far as to say we use our seasonings for cooking indoors more than outside on the BBQ. Don’t wait for the sun to shine, at home we use them to season veggies, pasta sauces, curries, noodles, spicy up your chilli con carne and stir fried rice. You can dust them over potato wedges, fries and over the top of pasta bakes 10 minutes before the end of cooking. Mix them into salad dressings, or into mayo or yogurt to make a tasty dip. Sprinkle them over roasting joints for the oven and onto pizzas. Not just for outdoor grilling, you can cook with BBQ rubs on the stove, in the wok, slow cooker and air fryer.

Why use a dry marinade and not a wet one?

Using a dry marinade gives you better control and overall coverage, without the risk of it just slipping down the sides. You can use as little or as much as you need. You can of course use Smokey’s rubs wet by mixing with a few teaspoons of water or olive oil to make a paste. You can even mix our rubs with yoghurt, lemon juice, melted butter or honey, to convert into a ‘sticky’ or wet marinade. The ideal thing about our BBQ rubs, is you know exactly what is in the pack. Some mass produced shop bought wet marinades are full of oil, excessive salt, sugar and fillers. This way you are safe in the knowledge you know exactly what is going in your food.

Do any of the rubs contain sugar or salt?

We have worked out the perfect formula for the perfectly seasoning BBQ rub. Many other companies tend to use excessive amounts of salt and sugar, not to mention various E numbers and fillers. Our balanced rubs contain a little sugar (never processed white sugar) for caramelisation and flavour. They also have just the right amount of salt. If you like a little extra salt then this can be done to taste. Remember you can always add salt but not take it away. Our rubs are quick and easy to use, ideal for both the busy home cook and budding connoisseur.

Other than meat and fish, what else are they good for?

 Oh so many things. Keep reading below for just a few ideas…

  • Ideal for flavouring soups, curries & stir-fries.
  • Use as a fajita seasoning; also ideal for tacos, burritos & enchiladas
  • Stir into your pasta sauces for spice and flavour
  • Mix a little rub into bread or pizza dough before baking
  • Sprinkle on your pizza as a seasoning before or after cooking
  • Spice up your roast potatoes, fries, wedges & baked potatoes
  • Sprinkle a little over salads and use in salad dressings
  • Spice up your chilli con carne and stews, ideal for one pot cooking

Is a BBQ rub still ok if it has clumped together?

We know that often people keep their spices in the cupboard next to the cooker as it’s convenient when you’re cooking up a storm in the kitchen. From experience this isn’t the best place to keep them as the humid, damp warm temperatures can cause your spices to clump/stick together. Don’t worry your BBQ rub will be perfectly fine to use. Many companies use anti-caking agents such as silicone dioxide to stop this happening, but we like to keep things as natural as possible and not use E numbers or chemical agents. Just give it a shake or brake it up with your fingers and it’s good to go. Spices last years in the cupboard, however spices will naturally loose flavour over time, so we recommend using our rubs within approx 12 months.

MSG Free – All Suitable for Vegetarians – Free from Artificial Flavourings – No Fillers 

The majority of our products are vegan friendly and gluten free! Some do contain wheat. Packed on premises that handles products containing gluten. For allergens, including cereals containing gluten, see ingredients in bold. Manufactured in a facility that handles celery, mustard, soya, sesame and ingredients that may contain nuts. Please see attached specification sheet for further details.

Anyone remember our old piggy logo?

For 10 years our logo included a pig in an oval. We were so commited to our rubs being perfect for everyone we decided the piggy had to go! All Smokey’s rubs are suitable for vegetarians and in the majority vegan friendly too. Why not try our rubs on; roasted vegetables, baked aubergine, omelette, frittata, stratta, falafel, roasted potatoes, stuffed peppers, courgette fritters & grilled halloumi. 

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