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By Mr Smokey     |
Oct 10, 2017
Smokey’s Top BBQ Tips

1.  Preparation is key to any operation; plan ahead. Make a list, does anything need prepping the night before, anything need coming out of the freezer? Which meats need marinating overnight? Maybe something can be done now that will save you time tomorrow, before guests arrive?

2.  Safety first- Avoid cross contamination of cooked and raw meats, treat yourself to some coloured plastic chopping boards to help with keeping things separate. Red for raw meat – handy to remember.

3.  Clean your grill well and brush with oil to avoid sticking

4.  Wait for the flames to die down, you want your coals white hot (grey in colour) but still ‘glowing’

5.  Have an area under your BBQ grill that has fewer coals. This can become a ‘safe’ area for food that is cooking too quickly and helps you regulate the temperatures a little better.

6.  Baste the meat as you go with further marinade or spice rub, this is important when barbecuing as you don’t want the smoke to overpower your lovely food

7.  Keep a water spray atomiser on hand to dampen down any flames

8.  Treat yourself to a pair of those super long tongs for barbecuing, it will save your skin and all the little hairs on your fingers (not a great image, sorry)

9.  Use a meat probe to check the internal temperature to ensure your meat is cooked through

10.  Rest your meat wherever possible, ensure you cover it well to stop nasty flying things getting to it.


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