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Bringing You Award-Winning World Inspired BBQ Rubs And Sauces

Inspired by our travels around the globe, our mission is to bring those international flavours to your meals at home, either cooked in the smoker, on the barbecue, or indoors.

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Original Buffalo Hot Sauce

Original Buffalo Hot Sauce – 150ml Bottle

Classic buffalo hot sauce made with aged cayenne pepper and real butter. Tangy, sharp and smooth with a little cayenne chilli kick. The perfect condiment to chicken.

  • Try me with hot wings, strips
  • Wack it on absolutely everything
  • Baste it on chicken roasted or barbequed
  • Pair with our best selling Buffalo Dust BBQ Rub for the ultimate feast


Lemon SPG BBQ Rub Shaker

Lemon SPG (Salt, Pepper & Garlic) BBQ Rub 100g Shaker

All purpose salt, pepper and garlic seasoning with a zingy lemon twist. Ideal for chicken, pork, steak and fish.

We wanted to add an SPG Rub to our range (Salt, Pepper, Garlic) as this is often the founding seasoning, the simple and all purpose type rub that many rub companies start with. So very versatile and a satisfying savory taste. Adding a twist we combined the ideas of Lemon Pepper with SPG to bring you our Lemon SPG BBQ Rub.

  • Amazing seasoning for chicken wings, thighs, roast chicken and all things chicken. Did we mention chicken?
  • Season up your fries and wedges
  • Works great as a tasty steak or brisket rub
  • Dust it over pork chops and fillet
  • Use to flavour fish such as cod and salmon
  • All purpose seasoning for pasta dishes and salad dressings


Green Mountain Hot Sauce

Green Mountain Hot Sauce – 150ml Bottle

Our 4th Collaboration sauce with Thornbridge Brewery. This time the legendary brewers wanted us to create a hot sauce with their Green Mountain Hazy IPA. After sampling a can or two (tough job but someone’s got to do it) I had a green theme in my mind. So we created this sauce with green jalapeno, Mexican tomatillo, lime, coriander and apple.

  • Mexican style taco sauce
  • Amazing on your breakfast fried eggs
  • Drizzle over Mexican rice
  • Adds zing to everything Mexican from quesadillas to enchiladas
  • Spice up your bloody mary


Grill Masters BBQ Rub Tube

Grill Masters BBQ Rub Tube

Contains 5 x 50g rub pots;

  • Buffalo Dust BBQ Rub – One of our most popular seasonings, ideal for chicken wings.
  • Steakhouse Gaucho BBQ Rub – Season up that burger or steak to take it to the next level.
  • Pitmaster BBQ Rub – Our original best selling all purpose BBQ rub for over 10 years.
  • Lemon SPG BBQ Rub – All purpose seasoning to take all foods up a notch.
  • Texas Ranch BBQ Rub – Creamy ranch style rub for chicken, pork and great into dips too.

Our most versatile rubs and marinades for outdoor and indoor grilling. Flavours that will take everyday meals and your favourite barbecue dishes to another level.


Olive Wood Chopping/Serving Board Logo Engraved

The Smokey Carter logo laser engraved olive wood chopping/serving board. These were so popular we have had some more made!

2 Sizes Available:

Large Board 1 – 7 (40cm) – Size approx 40cm x 25cm x 2cm (Sizes at largest point. See images for detail)

Extra Large Board 8 – 14 (50cm) – Size approx 50cm x 25cm x 2cm (Sizes at largest point. See images for detail)

Each one is unique with the lovely grain of olive wood running through them. Choose your favourite one and select the number from the drop down box.

Our olive wood chopping boards are sustainably sourced and great for serving cheese and charcuterie. Use them as a chopping board or to serve various foods such as burgers, ribs and canapes.

Care instructions provided.


10th Birthday Bundle

September 2023 sees Smokey turn 10! To celebrate our 10th Birthday we’ve got some awesome products including two collaboration hot sauces with Thornbridge Brewery. Return of our famous Texas Ranch Rub plus our brand new Buffalo Ranch Rub!

Jaipur Pineapple & Mango Hot Sauce – 150ml – 2 Star Great Taste Award 2021

Jaipur Hot Sauce Limited Edition – 150ml 

Buffalo Ranch BBQ Rub Shaker – 100g Shaker

Texas Ranch BBQ Rub Shaker – 100g Shaker

2 Beer Mats + Stickers


About us

The Smokey Carter Story

The Smokey Carter is husband & wife team Howard & Samantha Carter. They met back in 2005 when they both worked onboard cruise ships. Their travels around the ports of Central America, the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, formed the inspiration behind the range of barbeque rubs and sauces that you see today.


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Apr 13, 2024

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