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Once upon a time there was a little piggy called Smokey that lived down on Carter’s Farm…

Smokey was a clever little pig and he knew that Farmer Carter’s birthday was fast approaching.

“I want to get him a nice gift this year” said Smokey. “But I am just a pig! I don’t have any money to buy a mass produced, commercial gift. I should make him something instead. Now what does Farmer Carter like?”

Smokey gave this some thought. “Well I know he likes eating, BBQs, chillies and booze”.

So Smokey set to work in his little piggy kitchen & the original Smokey Carter Chipotle & Bourbon BBQ sauce was born.

“Smokey!” Farmer Carter cried in delight. “This is too good not to share.

You must go forth, travel the world and show as many people as possible your foodie delight”.

“I will then” said Smokey. “I cannot thank you enough Farmer Carter”.

And off little Smokey went to pursue his dreams travelling the world for more foodie ideas, meeting friends and living the dream. Smokey escaped the curse of the bacon sandwich and lived a long and happy life.

Telling porkys…

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Great Taste Awards 2017, Two Gold Stars
Great Taste Awards 2017, One Gold Star
Great Taste Awards 2017, One Gold Star
Great Taste Awards 2016, One Gold Star
Great Taste Awards 2016, One Gold Star
National Chilli Awards 2016 Winner
National Chilli Awards 2016 Runner Up
National Chilli Awards 2015 Winner
National Chilli Awards 2015 Winner
Great Taste Awards 2015, One Gold Star

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