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Cooking with the Roccbox Pizza Oven

Big boys and their toys. When you think of cooking Al Fresco you mainly think of barbecue food, but it doesn’t stop there. Smoking food is just another example of Al Fresco cooking which has always had its roots in the USA but is becoming ever popular in the UK too. Looking on the market there is plenty of new and exciting equipment to get your Al Fresco cook on!

Here at Smokey HQ we have been eyeing up our options for cooking Al Fresco pizza. Who doesn’t love pizza, right? You could go all out and spend a few weeks building your own wood fired pizza oven in the garden but there are plenty of quick and easy options with an off the shelf pizza oven. Doing plenty of research I narrowed it down to the Uuni Pro and the Roccbox pizza oven. I had first seen Roccbox when they initially started and had considered backing their crowdfunding campaign to have their oven brought to market.

The second was the same but with pepperoni. I thought it might take a little time to get the knack and expected some disasters but everything was perfect. The pizza edges start to puff up almost instantly and you can watch the pizza cook in around 90 seconds turning every 20 seconds to make sure it cooks evenly.

The searing heat ensures a crisp and what I would describe as one of the best pizzas I have had. After 4 pizzas with various toppings (Not all to myself, honest!) I turned off the Roccbox.

We hope to bring you a whole series of recipes using the Roccbox, incorporating our range of World inspired BBQ rubs and sauces. It’s not just for pizza either as you can easily cook a steak, veggies or burgers in a cast iron skillet pan.

Watch this space for recipes. You can check out the Roccbox on their website www.roccbox.com. They’re not paying me to say this but all I can say is that it’s an awesome bit of kit and it won’t be long before it’s out again.

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Howard Carter (aka Mr Smokey) is brainchild, owner and CEO of The Smokey Carter. He is a fully fledged foodie and lover of all things barbecue.

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