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By Mr Smokey     |
Mar 24, 2024
Cooking with the Gozney Arc XL Pizza Oven
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After 6 years of using the Gozney Roccbox which is an awesome bit of kit, when the Arc XL was announced, I knew it was time for an upgrade. The Dome caught my eye when it was released but wasn’t right for our setup and I didn’t want to install a chimney in the Smokey Shack.

We got our order in for the limited edition off black Arc XL from Audlton Stoves prior to the Gozney pre release. We ordered the Booster for the Arc XL too but that is arriving in the next few days and we couldn’t wait to get it going. The Arc XL Booster arrived just after we did our first cook which brings up the cooking height to just over the cooking height of the Roccbox. We have also ordered the Gozney Pro Peel 14″, but they’re not landing in the UK until sometime in April. Hence using the Roccbox peel in the video. Expect to see lots more content of us using the Gozney Arc XL, using our range of world inspired BBQ Rubs, Seasonings & Sauces.

I gave the shack a good spring clean in preparation for lots of al fresco dining and the imminent arrival of the new pizza oven. I even pressure washed all the paving which had got a little slippy. Installed a new spotlight on the ceiling to shine into the Kamado Joe.

Setup was fairly easy and lifting out of the box wasn’t too bad either on my own. Remove all the packing from the inside and the rubber tabs around the stone. Add the vent grill and connect up the gas. Don’t forget to add the battery into the igniter which is behind the LED thermometer gauge. Otherwise you won’t get a spark to ignite the gas.

Making pizzas is all in the prep! After making the dough (recipe further down), get all your pizza ingredients ready. There are some great ingredients trays around to help you organise these. Search ‘Bar Garnish Tray’. We grabbed ours from Amazon

We had fior di latte, marinara, pepperoni, Milano salami, sauté mushrooms, olive oil with garlic, oregano and salt, grated pecorino and fresh basil.

Dough recipe

I’ve tried a few dough recipes and have always come back to my ratios below. This is a 48 hour dough. You can do it in 24 hours and just leave in the fridge overnight and ball up the next day without putting them back in the fridge again.

  • 1kg 00 Flour
  • 12g dried yeast
  • 20g flaked se salt
  • 620ml of luke warm water
  • pinch of sugar

Mix the yeast into the water and add the pinch of sugar. Leave at room temperature for an hour, to allow the yeast to work it’s magic. In a large bowl add the flour and yeast and water/yeast mixture. Bring it all together and kneed for 15-20 minutes. Add a little olive oil to the bowl and place the dough in. I then place a shower cap over the bowl. I always make sure I take the shower caps when visiting a hotel as they’re great for proving dough. Leave in the bowl at room temperature or around 10 hours. Put in the fridge overnight. The next day take out the dough and leave at room temperature for a couple of hours. Ball up the dough.

In the past I’ve always balled up my dough and cling filmed them over and used the same day. But when I came across Babadoh, I thought they looked awesome. This was the first time using them and they worked perfectly. The standard size Babadoh are for 12″ pizza so I got the Big ones which are 12-16″. I usually do 250g each for the Roccbox but as the Arc XL is bigger I tried a little larger. I got 3 x 350g balls and 2 x 270g balls from this recipe.

Once balled up I then returned to the fridge and left overnight again. Took out the next day and left at room temperature for around 6 hours until it was time to cook pizza! The Babadoh silicone molds are great. You can stack them up in the fridge. The silicone lids allow the dough to breathe but not dry out. The shiny silicone inside helps the dough fall out when you come to use it. I did put a little brushing of olive oil inside the silicone when balling up to help when it was time to flip out the balls.

So what did I think?

Of course this was just the first use and a true test will be built up over time. Being used to the Roccbox, I knew there would be some differences in cooking technique. I cooked a classic margherita first. Marinara, fior di latte, basil and finished with some pecorino once out of the oven. First of all I think I had the oven too hot as the underside of the pizza burnt a little. On launch of the pizza I turned the flame to the lowest. This worked great and didn’t burn the top of the pizza at all. The extra space that the Arc XL gave for maneuvering was amazing and felt so spacious compared to the Roccbox. The lateral rolling flame coming from the side was great as you could see if the dough was cooking too much or not. Play around with the flame whilst cooking. You may want it on it’s lowest for the full cook or crank it up a little to cook the topping a bit more.

Overall it’s an amazing pizza oven, that looks awesome and has plenty of space for cooking. Looking forward to getting the new pro peel and doing some bigger pizzas. I’ve also invested in a Lloyd 10″x14″ Detroit style pizza pan with the lid. We did a little video of the first cook. Check it out below. Now I just need to figure out how to get on of those Arc caps from Gozney! Give us a follow on our socials and take a look at our range of world inspired BBQ rubs, seasonings & sauces.

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