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Original Buffalo Hot Sauce

Original Buffalo Hot Sauce – 150ml Bottle

1 Litre Squeezy are also available for a limited time only (These are actually 1050ml which is the same as 7 x 150Ml Bottles which would cost £29.75)

Classic buffalo hot sauce made with aged cayenne pepper and real butter. Tangy, sharp and smooth with a little cayenne chilli kick. The perfect condiment to chicken.

  • Try me with hot wings, strips
  • Wack it on absolutely everything
  • Baste it on chicken roasted or barbequed
  • Pair with our best selling Buffalo Dust BBQ Rub for the ultimate feast


Green Mountain Hot Sauce

Green Mountain Hot Sauce – 150ml Bottle

Our 4th Collaboration sauce with Thornbridge Brewery. This time the legendary brewers wanted us to create a hot sauce with their Green Mountain Hazy IPA. After sampling a can or two (tough job but someone’s got to do it) I had a green theme in my mind. So we created this sauce with green jalapeno, Mexican tomatillo, lime, coriander and apple.

  • Mexican style taco sauce
  • Amazing on your breakfast fried eggs
  • Drizzle over Mexican rice
  • Adds zing to everything Mexican from quesadillas to enchiladas
  • Spice up your bloody mary


Jaipur Pineapple & Mango Hot Sauce

Jaipur Pineapple & Mango Hot Sauce  (150ml Bottle)

Part of a special release to celebrate our 10th Birthday!

To celebrate The Smokey Carter reaching 10 years old in September 2023, we have brought back this highly popular and two star Great Taste Award winning sauce. Originally created with Thornbridge Brewery in March 2021.

This fruity hot sauce is packed with sweet alphonso mango and pineapples. Balanced out with the bitterness from Thornbridge Brewerys Jaipur IPA beer. A pleasant heat comes from Ghost chilli aka Naga Bhut Jolokia.

  • Enjoy with just about anything!
  • Use as a taco sauce
  • Toss over crispy smoked chicken wings
  • Use as a fruity spicy kebab sauce
  • Drizzle over pizza


Jaipur Hot Sauce Limited Edition Mexican

Jaipur Hot Sauce – 150ml

This is a Limited Edition so won’t be around for long!

Our Hottest Sauce yet! Mexican Inspired Hot Sauce.

To mark the 18th Birthday of their Jaipur IPA, Thornbridge Brewery got in touch with us again for another collaboration. This time we wanted to go hot! This Mexican inspired hot sauce contains yellow Habanero for heat, Chipotle Chilli for smokyness, lime, Mexican Oregano, coriander, cumin and of course Jaipur IPA. The perfect taco sauce!

  • Splash it in your tacos, quesadillas and beef chilli
  • Spice up your salsa
  • Perfect for spicy scrambled eggs
  • Try it as a Mexican wing sauce
  • Use as a condiment with everything!



Korean Sweet Chilli Sauce

Korean Sweet Chilli Sauce – 200g Jar

Awarded a Silver Award at the Clifton Chilli Club’s, National Chilli Awards 2023

Sweet chilli dipping sauce/glaze with grapefruit juice, gochujang, sesame, soy, miso & confit garlic.

  • Serve at the table with almost any dish
  • Use as a finishing glaze for pork belly and chicken
  • Add into Asian style wraps
  • Dollop over noodles and rice dishes



Korean Barbecue Sauce

Korean Barbecue Sauce – 200g jar

1 Star- Great Taste Award Winner 2022

Enjoy me with: BBQ meats, ribs, pork belly and veggies. Umami-rich condiment/ marinade with gochujang, sesame, soy, miso and roasted garlic.

Dip, dollop, baste and brush. This Korean BBQ Sauce is packed with flavour and umami notes. Including those classic Korean ingredients, such as gochujang (fermented soyabean hot red pepper paste), sesame oil and low sodium soy sauce.  To take our sauce to the next level we have also added white miso, lots of roasted garlic and a few secret spices.

  • Ideal for using as a marinade for chicken pork and beef.
  • Use to finish off dishes on the barbecue by brushing on the sauce.
  • Perfect with pork belly, ribs, chicken skewers or in stir frys.
  • Simply enjoy as an accompaniment to any meal.


Chipotle & Bourbon BBQ Sauce

Chipotle & Bourbon BBQ Sauce 200g (Winner of a Gold Star Great Taste Awards 2016)

The sauce that started it all, back in 2013! Perfect for pulled pork and basting ribs. Use as a condiment in burgers or dip for your wedges and sausages. Enjoy me with: Brisket, pulled pork, ribs and Burgers.

Our Chipotle & Bourbon BBQ Sauce is our original and best selling sauce.

  • The Sauce that started it all!
  • Use as a marinade, as a cooking ingredient or as an accompaniment to any dish.
  • Serve on the side with Mac n cheese, chips and wedges.
  • Add into burgers, sandwiches, wraps, tacos and quesadillas.
  • Use as a marinade for ribs and chicken.



Smokey Chipotle Chilli Jam

Smokey Chipotle Chilli Jam 200g (Won 1st Place in the 2016 National Chilli Awards for Best Chilli Jam)

Enjoy me with: Cheese, meats and Mexican dishes. Soft set chilli jam with smokey Mexican Chipotle chilli. Enjoy with cheese boards and cold cuts of meat. Use as you would a sweet chilli dipping sauce.

A sweet chilli jam with all the smokey flavours of the Mexican Chipotle Chilli. Chipotle is a smoke-dried Jalapeno, we use it in both our BBQ sauces for its rich smoky flavour, but its such an amazing tasting chilli it can hold its very own Chipotle Chilli Jam.

  • Enjoy with enchiladas, nachos, quesadillas, tacos and burgers.
  • Serve with cheese and biscuits.
  • Add into wraps, sandwiches and toasties.
  • Perfect with pan fried halloumi.
  • Serve as an accompaniment dip for wedges, fries and chicken strips.



Scotch Bonnet Chilli Jam

Scotch Bonnet Chilli Jam 200g

Enjoy me with: Cheese, cold meats and fish. Soft set chilli jam with a kick and flavour from Scotch Bonnet chilli. Enjoy with cheese boards and cold cuts of meat. Use as you would a sweet chilli dipping sauce.

  • A little more fiery than our Sweet Original and Chipotle Chilli Jam.
  • Serve in tacos, quesadillas and toasties.
  • Use as a dip for chicken strips, wings and nachos.
  • Add to stir fries or use as a glaze for gammon or wings.



Spiced Pineapple & Nigella Chutney

Spiced Pineapple & Nigella Seed Chutney 200g

Enjoy me with: Cheese, cold cuts, gammon and curries. Fresh and fruity, the perfect pairing for cheese. Use as an alternative to mango chutney with curry dishes. Try me on pizza, quesadillas or cheese on toast.

This chutney has a great fruity flavour which comes from its high fruit content of fresh pineapple and mango. A little heat comes through in the back from the scotch bonnet. There is also a lovely aromatic taste from the Nigella seeds. Great accompaniment to curry, meatballs, kebabs!

  • Amazing on cheese on toast!
  • Use instead of mango chutney with poppadum’s and curry.
  • Add into chicken and lamb kebabs.
  • Serve with cheese and biscuits.
  • Great accompaniment to gammon and in sandwiches.


Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce

Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce 150ml (Great Taste Awards Winner 2015)

Enjoy me with: everything! Perfect for wings, mac ‘n’ cheese, burgers and BBQ meats. The perfect accompaniment to almost everything. A sweet and fruity, tangy hot sauce, with a pleasant scotch bonnet kick. Great with mac ‘n’ cheese, burgers, chicken wings and BBQ meats.

  • Serve with mac n cheese.
  • Splash over your favourite food, great with everything.
  • Toss with crispy deep fried wings.
  • Add into sandwiches, wraps and tacos.



North Carolina BBQ Sauce

North Carolina BBQ Sauce 150ml (Won 1st Place in the 2015 National Chilli Awards for Best Mild Sauce)

Enjoy me with: chicken, ribs, pulled pork, burgers and bangers. Sweet and tangy BBQ sauce, ideal for pouring over pulled pork and basting ribs. This vinegar based BBQ sauce takes it’s roots from North Carolina, USA.

This is BBQ sauce is a vinegar based BBQ sauce with roots from North Carolina in the US. Not to be confused with South Carolina BBQ Sauce which is mustard base. Also not to be confused with Carolina Reaper which is one of the hottest chillies in the world.

  • This sauce is sweet, tangy with a little heat.
  • Perfect with pulled pork, ribs, chicken, burgers and all things BBQ.
  • Great as a marinade or a mopping sauce.
  • Use as a finishing glaze for meat on the BBQ.
  • Mix into a little mayonnaise for a tasty dip.



Pineapple Express Hot Sauce

Pineapple Express Hot Sauce – 150ml Bottle

Enjoy me with: jerk chicken, pork and lamb stir-fries, curries and rice dishes. A fruity table sauce with mango and pineapple for sweetness and a little scotch bonnet chilli for heat. Inspired by Smokey’s travels in the Caribbean. Enjoy with everything.

  • The perfect accompaniment to: Jerk chicken and gammon,
  • Serve with lamb and rice dishes.
  • Great as a sauce in your favourite kebab!
  • Use as a glaze or toss crispy chicken wings and deep fried strips.



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