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By Mr Smokey     |
Jan 16, 2023
Smokey Carter New Logo Revealed


It’s been 10 years since The Smokey Carter started in 2013, and the couple have decided it’s time to change their logo. So why make the change now?

Samantha commented “Our original logo is a pig in an oval, when we first launched we wanted something easily recognisable as a food brand. Something that identifies with either American style BBQ joints or a traditional family-run butcher. However, I have been thinking about a rebrand for a while now. We love the name, ‘Smokey Carter’ but the pig had to be replaced somehow. We’ve put it off for a few years due to the amount of work involved as you’re having to start from scratch, with all new designs, labels and photography. When Covid hit, any idea of a rebrand was put on the back burner, the priority become just functioning as best we could, as safely as possible. There is also that fear of changing your logo, it’s a huge part of your brand image and there is an element of recognition there which has been established with your current customers for the past 10 years.”

Speaking with Howard, he said “Our rubs and sauces have always been suitable for vegetarians and the majority are vegan friendly too. They’re perfect for adding flavour to food quickly and easily, whether cooked indoors or outside on the BBQ. They’re ideal for seasoning vegetable dishes and even cheese, such as paneer or halloumi, just as much as any meat or fish and we didn’t want people to perceive, with the pig in our logo that our brand was only for the meat eaters. Combining that with the world moving towards more of a plant based diet, due to both health and environmental reasons. Also we are very much aware that many people in the UK don’t eat pork due to religious beliefs, so we decided it was time for the pig to go, for good. We were very conscious that we didn’t want to alienate any customers. Our products are for all, that want to enjoy them.”

They hope the new logo unifies a clean and fresh design with a modern and punchy edge, that they feel will stand out on the shelves of their independent retailers and appeal to a wider audience of customers.


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