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Chipotle Chilli Powder – Smoked Jalapeno Chilli

Chipotle Chilli Powder – Smoked Jalapeno Chilli (Chipotle chilli flakes also available)

Choose loose amount required in 100g, 200g, 500g or 1kg resealable grip bags. See image for example of packaging. *Illustration shows how spices are packaged.

Great Flavour and smokey taste with great kick! Smokey and great for lots of dishes. A must for all chilli loving foodies.

This Chipotle powder has a delicious sweet and smokey taste, and is a staple in Mexican cooking. Drying and smoking the jalapeños intensifies their flavour and calms down their heat. Saying this they still have a good kick with a Scoville rating of around 5,000.

We use this superb Chipotle chilli powder in our Great Taste Award winning Chipotle and Bourbon BBQ Sauce and our Smokey Chipotle BBQ Rub. Why not add some to your chilli con carne for a smokey cowboy kick!


Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Nut Free*, Vegetarian, 100% Natural, Vegan.
*Prepared in a kitchen that uses peanuts.


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