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BBQ Spice Rub FAQ

Greek Gyrus BBQ Haloumi

Our range of world inspired BBQ rubs and seasonings have taken influence from our travels around the world. So what is a ‘Rub’? A Spice Rub or Dry Rub is a mixture of herbs and spices blended to produce a powder seasoning which you apply to food, either before or after cooking to enhance it, […]

Honey & Soy Kebabs with Asian Slaw

Phil aka Love2bbquk has been using our rubs and supporting us for many years. He’s done a number of recipes on our site and he’s also an official Smokey Carter brand ambassador. Give him a follow on Twitter @love2bbquk and on Instagram Love2bbquk for lots of delicious meal ideas, recipes and great content. Here’s his […]

Salt n Pepper Noodles with Duck

Our rubs are perfect for knocking up quick and easy midweek meals. They’re not just for barbecuing, infact we probably use our rubs more in everyday cooking indoors than we do cooking over coals outside. Add them into pasta dishes, stir fried rice, dust over wedges and toss through noodles. This dish is just something […]

Salt n Pepper Korean BBQ Ribs

Who doesn’t love tender low n slow, fall off the bone ribs. Our Salt n Pepper Chinese Rub and Korean Barbeque Sauce are the perfect combination for these tasty, sticky ribs. Cooking times will depend on the size of the ribs and how meaty they are. Dust the ribs with a generous coating of our […]

Rub It Up

Chicken thighs with Pitmaster BBQ Rub

Our BBQ Rubs Are Very Versatile Looking for some inspiration? Want to spice it up in the kitchen…bring a little fire back into your cooking? Look no further then Smokey’s ideas board. Why not get in touch and tell us what you have been up to in the kitchen. Check out our ideas below… Mix […]

Smokey’s Top BBQ Tips

1.  Preparation is key to any operation; plan ahead. Make a list, does anything need prepping the night before, anything need coming out of the freezer? Which meats need marinating overnight? Maybe something can be done now that will save you time tomorrow, before guests arrive? 2.  Safety first- Avoid cross contamination of cooked and […]