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Firecracker Toffee Apple Chicken Wings

Brothers cider toffee apple chicken wings

When Brothers Cider got in touch for a collaboration using The Smokey Carter rubs and sauces and their cider, how could we refuse! With all the sunshine we have had over the Summer, we’ve spent a few lazy Summer afternoons sipping away on a few Brothers ciders. So here it is, the third recipe in collaboration […]

Piri Piri Hot Wings

Piri Piri Chicken Wings

Piri Piri Hot Butter Sauce Chicken Wings Serves 2-3 Ingredients; 1kg chicken wings, washed 2 tbsp olive oil 2 litres of sunflower oil for frying 35g Piri Piri BBQ Rub 25g plain flour 25g cornflour 50g butter 3 tbsp Scotch Bonnet Hot sauce Chicken wings are the ultimate comfort finger food, and while they are […]

Easy Mac ‘n’ Cheese

mac n cheese

Easy Mac ‘n’ Cheese Serves 4-6 Ingredients; 500g dried macaroni 1 onion, chopped finally 100g chopped chestnut mushrooms 2 tbsp olive oil 20g South Carolina BBQ Rub 450g mature cheddar cheese, grated 20g dried breadcrumbs 200g crème fraiche 75ml of double cream Salt & pepper To serve: Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce This Mac ‘n’ Cheese […]