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Guest Recipe – Brazilian Style Beef Kebabs

This guest recipe blog comes to you from Phil at Introduction I am so hooked on kebabs. Doesn’t matter about the meat, whether it is beef, chicken, pork or fish, I just can’t get enough kebabs. This Brazilian Style Beef Kebab is fantastic. Using the Brazilian BBQ Spice Rub, gave this kebab a fantastic flavour. […]

Brazilian Candied Lamb

Brazilian Candied Lamb Brothers Cider

Those of you that know me well, are fully aware I like an ice cold cider on a Summers day…So when Brothers Cider got in touch and wanted to collaborate with The Smokey Carter, I couldn’t really say no! It’s an honour to be asked and we hope to bring you a full series of […]

Brazilian Steak

When it comes to steak i’m a big fan of rib eye, but then again, who isn’t? This flavoursome, juicy cut lends itself to being cooked on the BBQ or seared in a screaming hot pan, served medium/rare. Make sure you take the steaks out of the fridge around one hour before cooking to allow […]