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Indian Spiced Mango & Lime BBQ Skewers

Indian Spiced Mango & Lime Chicken Skewers

Introduction Sometimes the simplest of recipes are the best. These chicken skewers are super simple and really easy to prepare and cook. They are seasoned with out Indian Spiced Mango & Lime Rub, which really is the perfect rub for chicken. We pride ourselves on creating flavours and seasonings which you wouldn’t usually find with […]

Alabama White Sauce Chicken

Alabama white sauce dipped chicken has been around for years. We spotted a recipe in DJ BBQ’s book ‘Fire Food’ and had to give it a try. We adapted it slightly and instead of using regular mayonnaise we spiced it up with hot sauce. We love using chicken thighs on the BBQ and this recipe […]

Piri Piri Sweet Chilli Chicken Skewers

The guys at Brothers Cider loved the collaboration on our Brazilian Candied Lamb recipe so much they wanted more from The Smokey Carter! I had a few ideas up my sleeve and decided to get some ideas on paper (whilst sipping on a few ciders of course). Purely for research purposes…honest. You can check out […]

BBQ Pork Gyros

Pork Gyros

Greece is one of my favourite holiday destinations and no trip to Greece is complete without tucking into a few pork Gyros. This Greek fast food staple is super tasty and will usually only set you back a couple of euros. I’v tried Gyros in Corfu, Mykonos, Halikidiki, Athens and even at The Mad Greek […]

Smokey’s Top BBQ Tips

1.  Preparation is key to any operation; plan ahead. Make a list, does anything need prepping the night before, anything need coming out of the freezer? Which meats need marinating overnight? Maybe something can be done now that will save you time tomorrow, before guests arrive? 2.  Safety first- Avoid cross contamination of cooked and […]