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Limited Edition BBQ Rub Collection


Our limited edition rubs are back! We have had countless requests to bring these back, so here you go! The Greek Gyros Rub was so popular too that we made it a permanent member of The Smokey Carter collection late last year so have still included in this bundle.

Includes 4 x 90g Rub Shakers;



  • Al Pastor BBQ Rub – Mexican inspired shawarma seasoning, ideal for tacos, kebabs and spit grilled meats.
  • Texas Ranch BBQ Rub – Ranch style herby BBQ rub, ideal for chicken, pork, veggies, dips and dressings.
  • Greek Gyros BBQ Rub – Greek inspired shawarma seasoning, ideal for rotisserie pork, chicken, kebabs and gyros.
  • Salt N Pepper BBQ Rub – Chinese-style salt n pepper seasoning, ideal for BBQ chicken and pork. Dust over wings and chips.

As with all our rubs and sauces they have been heavily influenced from our travels around the world.

They’re so versatile! Our seasoning works just as well sprinkled over veggies or a bashed out chicken breast and pan fried in a little oil. You can also dust it over kebabs or use as a seasoning for wings or steak.

Al Pastor BBQ Rub – Ingredients: Salt, cumin, coriander, onion, sugar, annatto,garlic, ancho chilli, guajillo chilli, vinegar powder (spirit vinegar, potato maltodextrin), Mexican oregano, pepper, citric acid, spices.

Texas Ranch BBQ Rub – Ingredients: Salt, yoghurt powder(cultured skimmed cow’s milk), paprika, garlic, onion, dill, red jalapeno, parsley, chive, tomato, vinegar (spirit vinegar, potato maltodextrin), citric acid, spices.

Greek Gyros BBQ Rub – Ingredients: Salt, paprika, garlic, sugar, onion, oregano, coriander, tomato, lemon, mint, cumin, citric acid, thyme, cinnamon, spices.

Salt N Pepper BBQ Rub – Ingredients: Sugar, salt, five spice (fennel, star anise, cinnamon, pepper, clove), paprika, garlic, chilli, red pepper, soy sauce powder (soybeans, wheat, maltodextrin, salt), onion, spices.

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