• Shortlisted for Gift of The Year 2020 American Roadtrip BBQ Rub Tube American inspired barbecue rubs and marinades for outdoor and indoor grilling. Explore the tastes of the Southern States and the Deep South with these five BBQ rubs including our brand new Charcoal BBQ Rub. Gift Tube contains five x 50g BBQ Rubs South Carolina BBQ Rub 50g - South Carolina Louisiana Cajun BBQ Rub 50g - Louisiana Pitmaster BBQ Rub 50g - Kansas (2 Star Great Taste Award Winner 2017) Charcoal BBQ Rub 50g - Texas Smokey Chipotle BBQ Rub 50g - New Mexico  (1 Star Great Taste Award Winner 2016)    
  • Ancho Coffee BBQ Spice Rub Shaker (90g Rub Shaker) Robust and earthy coffee BBQ rub, ideal for beef, lamb, pork and chicken.
  • Charcoal BBQ Spice Rub (90g Rub Shaker) Smokey chipotle and charcoal BBQ rub. Ideal for steak, chicken, lamb and red meats.