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Gin Botanicals Infusion Tube

Daily Mail, March 2022  “This is an absolute must-have for real gin lovers. 10/10”

Shortlisted for Gift of The Year 2020

Gin Botanicals Infusion Tube – A collection of Garnishes and Infusions for gin.

As featured in Craft Gin Club’s November 2019, ‘Ginned’ magazine. Number 1 selling Christmas Gift.

Included in the gift tube; (Kilner Jar, ice molds and cocktail glasses not included)

  • Juniper Berries 30g 
  • Pink Peppercorns and Hibiscus 20g
  • Rose Petals 8g 
  • Cardamom Pods and Coriander Seeds 30g
  • Star Anise 20g
  • Infusion Bags x 2



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