//Brand New BBQ Rub Shakers

Brand New BBQ Rub Shakers

Our new rub shakers are finally here. We have been deliberating our options for a while now and after one of our busiest Christmas seasons to date we took time out in January to design the new labels and come up with some packaging that would make our BBQ rubs stand out from the crowd. We’re super happy with them and they seem to be getting a lot of attention. Each shaker holds 90g and has a sprinkle flipper cap for adding flavour to your meals with ease.

With our new packaging comes a brand new rub. Our 13th (unlucky for some) rub has been added to our world inspired range. We’ve had this one on the back burner for a while but with some final tweaking we have now launched Smokey Ghost BBQ Rub. This Smokey BBQ rub comes with a slow burn from the Bhut jolokia (Ghost) chilli. This rub is designed for great flavour and not painful heat which is associated with many Ghost chilli products. We have carefully balanced the heat of the Ghost chilli to make this a pleasant full flavoured BBQ rub. It works with just about anything but especially good on brisket, ribs, pork and chicken.

Great Taste Awards BBQ Rub Bundle

Our BBQ Rub shakers are available in all 13 flavours. Check them out in our online shop.

Smokey Chipotle BBQ Spice Rub Shaker
Piri Piri BBQ Spice Rub Shaker
Jamaican Jerk BBQ Spice Rub Shaker
South Carolina BBQ Spice Rub Shaker
Japanese Wasabi & Lime Spice Rub Shaker
Louisiana Cajun BBQ Spice Rub Shaker
Pitmaster BBQ Spice Rub Shaker
Lemon Chilli & Garlic Spice Rub Shaker
Smokey Cocoa Chilli Spice Rub Shaker
Mexican Jalapeno & Lime Spice Rub Shaker
Spiced Mango & Lime Spice Rub Shaker
Brazilian BBQ Spice Rub Shaker
Smokey Ghost BBQ Spice Rub Shaker
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