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Whether your beverage be served hot or cold, these syrups are a fabulous additional to your drinks cabinet. Recreate mulled wine and mulled cider at home. Get creative with cocktails, or simply add a drop to prosecco or coffee.  


Suitable for Vegetarians

A sweet yet fiery syrup, made with ginger, cinnamon and a molasses. It would be a great additional to your drinks cabinet. Perfect for adding to; coffee, hot chocolate,  and smoothies. Create your own amazing cocktails at home. Perfect for pouring a little over pancakes and ice cream too.


- Make your own mulled wine/ cider

- Add a dash to fruit juice and tea

- Use in cocktails & baking

- Add a drop to prosecco



- Add to coffee, frappes & smoothies

- Add a dash to Irish cream, served over ice

- Pour a little over breakfast pancakes

- Mix into cake frosting

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These syrups are even a useful tool to the keen baker. Ideal for adding to cakes or frosting. Try drizzing on top of pancakes or ice cream. We currently have three flavour combinations to choose from. Cocktail hour just got a whole lot spicer.

Mulled Wine & Cider recipe

A rich warming syrup flavoured with cocoa, chilli and vanilla, Inspired by the use of chilli in Mexican hot chocolate, it is just perfect for those that like it HOT! Go easy with it at first, the heat level will suprise you.

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Mulled Syrup

You will need;

- 1 bottle of red wine (preferably dry)

- 75ml of Mulled Syrup

- 250ml of orange juice

- 1 orange

- (An extra tipple to add is optional)


Add the bottle of wine to a saucepan, stir in the orange  juice, and Mulled Syrup*. Cut the orange into flat slices  and add to the pan. Heat gently, stirring occasionally. Be  careful not to let it boil. After the wine has come up to  temperature, it’s ready to serve. Pour into cups and enjoy.  If there is any left over, reheat as required.

Adults only: For an extra kick, why not add a little shot of your favourite tipple? We find that Amaretto, dark rum, brandy or even Cointreau work very well!

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Recreate the taste of 'Christmas' in your very own home, with this lovely rich spiced syrup. Made using an aromatic blend of spices and fruit peel. It has a great depth of flavour and is very quick and easy to use.

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Spiced Syrups ... delightful drinking

- Spice up your hot chocolate & frappes

- Add a dash to creamy cocktails

- Pour over ice cream and pancakes

- Use as a pouring sauce over rich desserts

Chocolate & Chilli


Cranberry Cooler Creamy cocktail normal_gingerbread-syrup2

Gingerbread Syrup

Don't drink booze, no problem, try Mulled syrup with apple juice, in cranberry juice or add a splash to hot or cold fruit tea.

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For mulled cider use the same method as above but replace the wine with cider, the orange juice with apple juice and use sliced fresh apple instead of orange. We find a still strong cider such as Westons Old Rosie works best.