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To make a blue cheese dip is very easy, there are loads in the supermarkets already, but we find them too mild and overly milky, this is a better method, you get more bite to your dip. Perfect to go with chicken wings or burgers.

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Blue Cheese Dip

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Pimped Up Coleslaw

We have made our tangy red cabbage slaw on many occasions, and its the perfect partner to red meat. But sometimes you find you want to go a little retro, and revert back to the good old white cabbage creation your granny used to give you. So we confess, we regularly buy ready-made bog standard coleslaw. But being Smokey we don’t stop there, we take the humble coleslaw and 'pimp it up' by doing the following...

Roughly grate your Danish Blue and mix the whole lot in with the creme fraiche or sour cream. Add a little squeeze of brown sauce (around a teaspoon) Yep, I said brown sauce, just a touch; of either HP or Daddies, this takes the tang out of the sour cream and highlights the cheese so well. If your dip changes colour a lot, and looks muddy, you have used too much. We have all done it. you will know for next time. Mix well. The longer it sits, the better it gets. Its even better left overnight if you can plan ahead. Sprinkle with a dusting of lemon pepper before serving.  

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In a large mixing bowl, add your existing shop brought pot of coleslaw, to that add the celery and grated cheddar. Next add the chopped apple, don’t peel it, the red skin looks great in this. Then sprinkle one level tablespoon of our Japanese Wasabi & lime Spice rub, about 10g and mix well. If needed add a drop of mayo or salad cream if the mixture is looking too dry. Taste it and add more Wasabi rub if you want to take it to another ‘spicier’ level. This will keep in the fridge for a couple of days. Transfer to a serving dish when needed. This is a great way of making this go a lot further if you have people round, it gives it that ‘homemade’ quality, tastes a little different, while padding in a bit more hidden fibre too, so great for kids.






Salty Corn on the Cob

So quick and easy to do, traditionally served with a meat or vegetable stew spooned over it. Couscous is a great addition to a summer BBQ, served hot or cold, it can also be made well in advance and it’s the perfect partner to all Mediterranean style dishes, such as barbequed chicken or grilled lamb chops.


We used Smokey’s Piri Piri Dry Rub here to flavour our couscous, and to add spice and colour, but any dry spice rub would work just as well. To a large mixing bowl add 100g of couscous, one stock cube, and either 1 or 2 teaspoons of your chosen dry rub, the more you add the spicier it will be. Pour over 150ml of boiling water, stir and cover, leave for at least 5 minutes for all the water and flavours to absorb in to the tiny granules. After 5-8 minutes use a folk to stir the couscous, break up any parts that are stuck together and fluff it up slightly. Its good just as it is, or you can add to it to make it to make it more of a ‘salad’. Here we have gone for a slight Moroccan theme by adding; chickpeas, chopped dried apricots, black olives, fresh chilli and cucumber.  But you could add anything you want; cherry tomatoes, rocket leaves, even feta cheese works very well to make a Greek inspired side dish.

Sides, dips & chips

Smokey's Salty Fries

So how to do make the standard 'chip' even better? Well let me tell you....

We have made our own chips in the past and after all the peeling, chopping, washing and then frying twice, we decided we prefer those pre pack frozen fries. So much easier. There is no shame in it.


After deep frying your fries as per the instructions on the pack, (350 grams should be about right for 2-3 people) Turn them out in to a large mixing bowl with a few squares of paper towel in the bottom, give them a shake to remove the excess oil. Remove the paper towel and sprinkle on a teaspoon of Smokey’s Spicy Salt Seasoning, (about 5 grams) give them another good shake to cover, serve right away.

Serves 2-3


350g frozen fries

Sunflower oil for deep frying

1 tsp Smokey's Spicy Salt Seasoning

Tangy slaw

Tangy Red Slaw

Grate a large carrot or use a potato peeler to make fine shavings and add to the cabbage and onion. In a cup squeeze half a lemon add a tablespoon of mayo, dijon mustard & Smokey Salt Seasoning and mix in well. Sprinkle with parsley or another green herb of your choice. You are now ready to serve, this will also keep well in the fridge overnight too.

Half a red cabbage

1 red onion

1 carrot

1 tsp sugar

1 tsp salt

1 tbsp cider vinegar

or red wine vinegar

juice of half a lemon

1 tsp dijon mustard

1 tsp mayo

1 tsp Smokey Salt Seasoning

1 tsp parsley

To make the red slaw finely cabbage and red onion (use a mandolin if you like, but watch those fingers!) Place the shedded cabbage and onion in a bowl with a sprinkling of sugar, salt and a drizzle of red wine or cider vinegar. Leave to macerate for 20 minutes then drain off any excess liquid.




Smokey’s Spicy Salt Seasoning is also great for large wedges done in the oven, sweet potatoes cut in half, corn on the cob, baked potatoes and even in salads and dressings. But you are not thinking about salad right now are you? Sorry about that.

Cajun Potatoes

cajun pots Smokey Carter Dry Spice Rubs sauce chutney Samantha Howard

Serves 4-6 as a side dish


3 tbsp olive oil

750g potatoes

25g Louisiana Cajun Dry Spice Rub


Cut your potatoes in half or quarters, depending on size (we like to keep the skins on) Now its completely optional if you want to pre boil them for 10 before, some people like too, others live life on the edge. For us it depends on the size once chopped.


Place your spuds in a terracotta dish, if you have one. Other baking dishes work just as well, but this look great on the table.


Toss your spuds in some olive oil and roast in the oven for 45 mins or until nearly cooked. Give them a good stir, uproot any that are sticking, and test one with a folk.


Dips a Plenty

If you have any of our dry spice rubs, did you know you can use these to make a tasty dip? Using either mayo, crème fraise, Greek yogurt or sour cream, add a little rub and give it a mix. We normally say you only need one teaspoon for every four tablespoons of mixer, use a little and you can always add. Sprinkle with fresh chilli or spring onion, keep in the fridge.

Clockwise from top: Piri Piri Rub in Greek Yogart, Spiced Mango & Lime Rub in sour cream with fresh spring onions, Japanese Wasabi & Lime Rub in Mayo with fresh chilli.

bbq beans

BBQ Beans

Take a standard tin of usual baked beans, any brand; they are usually 400 grams, and should feed 2-3 as a side. Place in a pan to heat through and add 1 teaspoon of a BBQ rub like Pitmaster BBQ or Smokey Chipotle BBQ, and 1 teaspoon of Chipotle BBQ sauce or Carolina BBQ, stir well and serve hot. Goes perfectly with pulled pork, sausages, mixed grill or just poured on hot buttered toast. Cheese optional.

Believe it or not, Mrs Smokey is not a fan of baked beans, not in her Univ days, and not now. She enjoys other types of beans; such as red kidney, cannellini, borlotti, butter beans, etc. But the problem with baked beans in that strange tomato sauce they come in, its just too ‘sweet’ But heres the solution. Make your beans spicy and rich with a few bits from Smokey’s cupboard and beans are back on the menu, which is great, cos they are very good for you...and help you to 'number 2', if you get my meaning!



Just before they are nearly really sprinkle with our Louisiana Cajun Dry Spice Rub, this will add heat and flavour. Bake for a further ten mins, you want them nice and crispy on the outside, lovely and fluffy on the inside.

cous cous

Mega simple, no fuss, corn on the cob. Remove the hush if applicable. Place your fresh corn into boiling water, don't salt the water as this can toughen the corn, use sugar if you wish. Allow to cook through (5-10 mins depending on your taste and teeth, ha!) Remove from the water immediately, don't let it stand. Apply a drop of butter to each one, and cover the corn. Dust with a small amount of Smokey Spicy Salt Seasoning to taste.

Piri Piri


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Salads do get such a bad rep, but you can not beat a colourful, tasty and interesting salad, using the more unusual ingredients like; beetroot, green lentils, black olives and sundried tomatoes.


A‘salad’ does not have to be a limp bit of lettuce with a few cherry tomatoes thrown in. Check out these delicious looking cold dishes, that we stumbled across in a wonderful little restaurant in Mykonos (Greece) called Kiki’s Tavern. Famous on the island for having no electricity (or sign) they only open during the day, and grill all their meat and fish ready to order. Just fabulous, one of our best hoiday meaks ever!

From left to right, top to bottom:


Green Lentil & Feta salad

With sundried tomatoes, black olives, a light olive oil & lemon juice dressing, topped with fresh green herbs


Sweetcorn and Cucumber Salad

With chopped tomatoes, green herbs, red onion and a light vinaigrette dressing


Coronation Pasta Salad

Pasta twists in a mild curry style creamy dressing, you could use our Spiced Mango and Lime rub with a little creme frais to recreate this!


The Pink One!

Beetroot and potato salad, so simple, but so effective and tasty, great for getting more veggies into the little people in your life!

Tasty Salads