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Pitmaster BBQ Chicken Thighs (above)

Chicken thighs are great on the BBQ. They stay moist & juicy on the inside while that skin gets nice and crispy on the outside. Taking in all the flavours of the smoke from the coals. We rubbed ours with Pitmaster BBQ Spice Rub before cooking. Then once on the BBQ turn them occasionally while basted with a little oil and lightly dusting over more Pitmaster Spice Rub while cooking to build up the layers of flavour.

Pitmaster (Noun)


(plural pitmasters)


Meaning: One who operates a barbecue pit. Sometimes a term of respect for someone who is skilled at barbecuing.


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No barbecue should be without Smokey's Chipotle & Bourbon BBQ sauce. It would be like Christmas without the cranberries.

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The Humble Sausage

No barbecue is complete without a few bangers thrown in for good measure. We love a good old fashioned pork sausage, but if you are watching your waistline this summer, try turkey sausages, they are surprisingly good!

1.  Preparation is key to any operation; plan ahead. Make a list, does anything need prepping the night before, anything need coming out of the freezer? Which meats need marinating overnight? Maybe something can be done now that will save you time tomorrow, before guests arrive?


2.  Safety first- Avoid cross contamination of cooked and raw meats, treat yourself to some coloured plastic chopping boards to help with keeping things separate. Red for raw meat - handy to remember.


3.  Clean your grill well and brush with oil to avoid sticking


4.  Wait for the flames to die down, you want your coals white hot (grey in colour) but still ‘glowing’


5.  Have an area under your BBQ grill that has fewer coals. This can become a ‘safe’ area for food that is cooking too quickly and helps you regulate the temperatures a little better.


6.  Baste the meat as you go with further marinade or spice rub, this is important when barbecuing as you don’t want the smoke to overpower your lovely food


7.  Keep a water spray atomiser on hand to dampen down any flames


8.  Treat yourself to a pair of those super long tongs for barbecuing, it will save your skin and all the little hairs on your fingers (not a great image, sorry)


9.  Use a meat probe to check the internal temperature to ensure your meat is cooked through


10.  Rest your meat wherever possible, ensure you cover it well to stop nasty flying things getting to it.


(below) Add a little splash of Smokey's Cayenne Hot sauce to your meat while cooking for seasoning and moisture


Rest your


Marinate your


Barbecue Rub & Sauce Tube (left)

Stuck for inspiration on where to start? This handy tube provides the perfect starter kit, to really get you going in the garden this summer. It contains 1 BBQ sauce (Chipotle & Bourbon- our best seller), 1 chilli jam and 2 Spice Rubs; 'Pitmaster' and 'Smokey Chipotle BBQ' are award-winners. This tube also makes the perfect present too.

BBQ Tube 1

Looking for some inspiration? Want to spice it up in the kitchen…bring a little fire back into your cooking? Look no further then Smokey’s ideas board. Why not get in touch and tell us what you have been up to in the kitchen.

What to know more about our spice rubs, how to use them and get the best out of your meats every time, plus get other great ideas on how to use them, keep reading...

Smokey's Dry Spice Rubs FAQs

So what is a 'Dry Spice Rub'?

A Spice Rub or Dry Rub is a mixture of herbs and spices blended to produce a powder seasoning which you apply to food, either before or after cooking to enhance it, giving your food a more in-depth flavour & heat.

Why should I use a rub?

It makes everything very tasty! Also a marinade is so important for meats going on the BBQ, it really locks in that flavour and moisture, while preventing the ‘smoke flavour’ from becoming too over powering.

How do I use it?

Lay your chosen meat or fish in a dish and sprinkle over your rub and 'pat' each side, covering all the surface. Its an easy as that. Then you can either cook right away or leave to marinate in the fridge for a while.

Why use a dry marinade and not a wet one?

Using a dry marinade gives you better control, you get a better ‘stick’ to your meat and overall coverage, without it slipping down the sides. Also you can use as little or as much as you need. You can of course use Smokey’s rubs wet by mixing with a few teaspoons of water or olive oil to make a paste. You can even mix our Spice Rubs with yoghurt, melted butter or honey, to convert into a ‘sticky’ or wet marinade. The ideal thing about Smokeys dry rubs, is you know exactly what is in the pack. Some mass produced shop brought wet marinades are full of oil and sugar. This way you are safe in the knowledge you know exactly what is going in your family’s tummy.

Do any of the rubs contain sugar or salt?

Yes they do, some of our rubs contain a little sugar for caramelisation. They are also already seasoned, so there is no need to add any extra salt, if you don’t wish to. Rubs are a recipe in a pack, quick and easy to use, ideal for both the busy home cook and budding connoisseur.

Other than meat and fish, what else are they good for?

Oh so many things. Keep reading below for just a few ideas...


PitMaster BBQ

An all-purpose award winning BBQ seasoning. Built for all meats, with hickory and chilli to give your food that lovely 'smokey' wood flavour. Here we have covered our belly pork loin joint with Pitmaster, ensuring all surfaces are covered. Check out our recipe for Crispy Belly Pork Tacos.  

Award Winning

1st Place, Best Spice Rub/ Blend, National Chilli Awards 2015

The perfect partners to BBQ Chicken;

Pineapple Express (below left)

A fruity yet spicy sauce that goes so well with BBQ chicken. Inspired by the tastes of the Carribean, it really is sunshine in a bottle.

(below right) Buttered & salty corn on the cob- very good for you it is too!

Brazilian mf Howard Carter Samantha Carter Smokey Carter Manchester food artisan hot sauce chilli bbq dry spice rubs great taste award winning 2015

Brazilian Rub (below) Packed with pink peppercorns, making this the perfect rub for steak and beef joints.

Jamaican Jerk Rub


If you like your chicken spicy, then of course Jamaican Jerk is the way to go


bbq sauce Howard Carter Samantha Carter Smokey Carter Manchester food artisan hot sauce chilli bbq dry spice rubs great taste award winning 2015

The Juicy Lucy (left)

Homemade Juicy Lucy burgers are great on the BBQ. Seasoned with Smokey Chipotle BBQ Spice Rub and stuffed in the middle with cheese, that melty goodness is to die for. Once almost cooked, on the final turn on the grill baste the top with our Carolina BBQ Sauce. Why not go even further and add extra cheese to the top too. serve in buns with salad.

Brazilian Ribeye Steaks with Cajun chicken & Veggies Skewers


Cut your chicken into smallish chunks and place into a bowl along with the chopped peppers and onions, leaving the mushrooms whole. Add some oil and a heaped teaspoon of Louisiana Cajun Dry Rub and mix well, don’t worry if its too oily, the mushrooms will soak it up, leave to marinade in the fridge, take out the steaks and allow them to get to room temperature. Wet your wooden skewer sticks with water so they are damp and do not burn. When ready apply a little oil to the steak and rub in some Brazilian peppercorn rub, about a teaspoon for each one, on both sides. Skewer the chicken pieces and veg onto the sticks, and set on the BBQ to cook. Place the skewers on first if you want your steak medium rare.

Don't let our little piggy logo mislead you!


All Smokey's Dry Spice Rubs are suitable for vegetarians. Why not try our rubs on; roasted vegetables, baked aubergine, omelette, frittata, stratta, falafel, roasted potatoes, stuffed peppers, courgette fritters & grilled haloumi. Make your own mixed bean chilli, or add to soups, curries, cous cous, rice, stir-fries & pasta dishes.

cajun potatoes smokey carter dry spice rub vegetariangreen2 bbq beans cous cous falaf1 sauce2 slaw

Mix a little rub with either mayo or Greek yogart to make a spicy dip

Add a nice little kick to coleslaw and potato salad with a little sprinkle of rub

Why not flavour cous cous, lentils or rice during the cooking process?

Use a little spice rub in your homemade falafel, meatballs, burgers or fish cakes

Add a teaspoon of a BBQ rub such as Pitmaster or Chipotle to a tin of baked beans to make instant BBQ beans

Even more uses for Smokey's rubs...

- Ideal for flavouring soups, curries & stir-fries.

- Use as a fajita seasoning; also ideal for tacos, burritos & enchiladas

- Stir into your pasta sauces or add to stir frys for spice and flavour

- Mix a little rub into bread or pizza dough before baking

- Sprinkle on your pizza as a seasoning before or after cooking

- Spice up your roast potatoes, wedges & baked sweet potatoes

- Sprinkle a little over salads and use in salad dressings

- Spice up your chilli con carne and stews, ideal for one pot cooking


Veggie Corner

Are your rubs vegetarian?

Yes. All Smokey's Dry Spice Rubs are suitable for vegetarians.

Sprinkle a little over roasted potatoes, 10 mins before the end of cooking

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