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Let Smokey be your Santa this year

Christmas is the most magical time of year, twinkling lights, busy shoppers, choirs on the radio & flickering candles. Cosy nights in the front of the fire, the smell of mulled wine & the annual drunken office party. The credit card is given a right pounding, not to mention your poor feet...


The Humble Spud (right)

Christmas does not mean you cannot add a little spicy heat to the proceedings. Sprinkle a little dry rub on your roasties while cooking for colour and subtle flavour. These are our Cajun Pots, but Pitmaster, Brazilian and South Carolina work just as well on roasties, as well as wedges and chips.

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Let Smokey take the hassle out of Christmas. Have a look at our great range of gifts, available right here online.

Dry Spice Rub Gift Packs

(left and below)

Dry rubs are not just for BBQ season, they work just as well in the oven, on the stove, under the grill or added to stir-frys, soups and curries. The perfect pressie for both the busy home cook, and the budding connoisseur. Our dry rub boxed sets come in pack of either six or three 40g pouches; with different themes based around travel & world cuisine, including ‘I heart USA’ & ‘Cocinero Mexicano’



Spiced Syrups


Christmas is not all about the food, drinks are an important part of welcoming your guests to your lovely warm home. Surprise your guests with either a hot beverage or cocktail made with a Smokey Syrup! Currently three to choose from including; Mulled Spice, Chilli Chocolate & Gingerbread. #Yummy!

Smokey's tubes, rub packs and syrups make the perfect gift this Christmas.

Support homemade... supporting small business!

Mrs C's Meatloaf (left)

Mrs C’s Meatloaf is the perfect Christmas Eve meal. It can be done with either beef, pork or turkey mince, or even a mix. Meatloaf can be prepared well in advance and makes great leftovers. Serve for breakfast with eggs, or in place of your usual stuffing at the Christmas table. Also very tasty cold; perfect for sandwiches, or with other delights on your boxing day buffet. View recipe

Finally all there is left to say is we wish you a very merry Christmas, a prosperous new year & all the very best for 2017,

Best wishes from all the team at Smokey HQ.



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...But Christmas should not need to be stressful; plan ahead, start early, make a list, set a budget and don’t over do it. Remember it’s not about flashing the bling, but spending time with family and loved ones while reflecting on the year gone past, while enjoying some amazing food and drink of course.  

Gift wrapping available; including Smokey's paper brown gift tags with string and hand stamped design; “From Smokey’s Kitchen. Made for You”. Add your own personalised type written message. Natural parcel twine available too (for boxes only)

Cranberry Chilli Jam

(right) Designed with Christmas in mind; not too spicy, so ideal for those that don’t like a lot of heat, also a real hit with kids too. While a fabulous addition to your cheeseboard this Christmas, it is also very versatile and great for cooking with; add to chicken or prawn stirfrys for a lovely sweet sticky delicate heat. Nice on a turkey wrap too.

Saucy Tubes (right)

Various types of tube to choose from, including:

Chilli Addict Tube

Barbecue Rub & Sauce Tube

Cheese Lover's Tube

Christmas Chutney Tube

Smokey's Sauce Selection Tube



Pitmaster BBQ

Cocinero Mexicano

Around the World (above)

Six Dry Spice Rubs, 40g, including:

1. Jamaican Jerk

2. Piri Piri

3. Brazilian

4. South Carolina BBQ

5. Spiced Mango and Lime

6. Japanese Wasabi and Lime


mulled wine mulled cider

Around the World

You will need;

- 1 bottle of red wine (preferably dry)

- 75ml of Mulled Syrup

- 250ml of orange juice

- 1 orange

- extra tipple (optional)





What is Christmas without the scent of mulled spices in the air. Mulled wine is just not for the the busy Christmas markets, you can make it at home, its so easy, with our super quick syrup method. Smokey's mulled syrup is ready to add to either wine, cider or fruit juice to make a quick & tasty festive drink.

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Mulled Wine


Add the bottle of wine to a saucepan, stir in the orange  juice, and Mulled Syrup*. Cut the orange into flat slices  and add to the pan. Heat gently, stirring occasionally. Be  careful not to let it boil. After the wine has come up to  temperature, it’s ready to serve. Pour into cups and enjoy.  If there is any left over, reheat as required.

Adults only: For an extra kick, why not add a little shot of your favourite tipple? We find  that Amaretto, dark rum, brandy or even Cointreau work very well!

For mulled cider use the same method as above but replace the wine with cider, the orange juice with apple juice and use sliced fresh apple instead of orange. We find a still strong cider such as Westons Old Rosie works best.



The scent of Christmas is in the air...!

Mulled Cider

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If you love mulled wine, why not give mulled cider a go?

*As well as our pre-made syrup, Smokey also has 'Make Your Own Kits', with the loose spice in a muslin bag. If using the bag method (1 x 30g), follow the same  instructions  as above but infuse for longer and add sugar to taste.

Cocktails & Baking 

Pitmaster BBQ (above)

Six Dry Spice Rubs, 40g, including:

1. Smokey Chipotle Bbq

2. Louisiana Cajun

3. Pitmaster Bbq

4. Mexican Jalapeno and Lime

5. Smokey Cocoa Chilli

6. Lemon Chilli and Garlic

Cocinero Mexicano (above)

Meaning Mexican Chef or Cook

Three Dry Spice Rubs, 40g including;

1. Smokey Chipotle BBQ

2. Mexican Jalapeno and Lime

3. Smokey Cocoa Chilli

Also in the range is a' 'I heart USA', 3 pack and a 'BBQ Buff', also a 3 pack, as well as our 'Build Your Own', which is any 3 rubs,  of your choosing in the usual style box.

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The Perfect Stocking Fillers...from Smokey's kitchen, made with love, at home...

Christmas Chutney Tube


Limited edition for the Christmas season only. Smokey's Christmas Chutney Tube allows you to hand pick your gift from the complete range of jars. With six different types to choose from, your pressie will be taylor made to your specifications.

mulled wine kit

Left to Right:


- Mulled Wine Kit; for wine, cider or fruit juice


- Christmas Chutney Tube, contains 3 jars


- Mulled Syrup, 250ml

Smokey's syrup is not only designed for adding to wine & cider, it can also be  used for baking; adding to  cakes, sweet pies, fruit crumbles, tea, fruit juices and cocktails.

Add a drop of syrup to your glass of prosecco or champagne!

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Get your party buffet off to a flying start with these spicy tubes. Also makes for an ideal pressie too!


original_cranberry-chilli-jam (2)

Tangy Plum Chutney


Spiced with the flavours of cinnamon, all spice, nutmeg and clove, makes this the perfect condiment to your table this Christmas. Ideal for soft creamy cheeses like brie, boursin and goats cheese. Its also fabulous served with roasted meats, like turkey, ham, duck & beef.

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